About me


Hey, look at me, I'm an introvert!

I think most writers would rather write about anything, anything but themselves.  Much more fun to describe the girl that pulls a thread from a tapestry and undoes a centuries old curse. Or the monster that lives in that trunk in the attic, let's chat about him!

Unfortunately some sort of factual information is required here in this box. I live on the coast of Maine. It is a salty, pine-scented region of America that is dark and cold for a good portion of the year.  Good conditions for writing, or for hibernating, which is my back-up talent. I have a wonderful husband,  3 spicy cool kids, two cats, and a Shih-tzu named Cozy. 


Look at Cozy!

This nosy pup is waiting for her own adventures to be told in the "Tales of Inspector Cozy". She has not  yet given final approval to a ghostwriter.